One pass to rule all rideshare platforms


Front and Rear
Dash Cam

See more. Drive safer and record every journey with the ultimate touchscreen, dash and reverse camera combination.

Now included, fully installed with every CarPass plan.

Go further

With unlimited KMs you can drive as much as you like without penalty

Great range

Our cars make sense for all types of drivers, whether you drive fulltime or only a few days per week

Awesome tech

Use your favourite apps without taking your eyes off the road. All cars come with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a fully installed 4.3inch Dash Cam.

Our range

$ 400 /pw

Outlander 2019/2020

7 Seats • Suitable for Uber (UberX UberXL and UberPOOL) Ola (PrimeSedan and PrimeSUV) and Taxify • Fuel efficient • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto • 4.3inch Dash Cam

$ 350 /pw

ASX 2019/2020

5 Seats • Suitable for Uber (UberX and UberPOOL) Ola (PrimeSedan) and Taxify • Fuel efficient • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto • 4.3inch Dash Cam

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Getting your CarPass

Who can apply?

Getting a CarPass is simple and fast. You can apply if:

  • You’re 25 years+
  • You’re already registered as a driver for a rideshare platform
  • You’ve never had motor insurance refused or cancelled, a claim denied, or any special conditions imposed in the last three (3) years
  • You haven’t been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) or exceeding the prescribed content of alcohol (PCA) in the last three (3) years
  • Your licence hasn’t been suspended or cancelled in the last three (3) years
What do I need before I apply?

Make sure you have the following documents before you get started:

  • A valid Australian drivers licence
  • Your passport or Medicare card
  • Confirmation that you’ve been approved to drive for a rideshare company in Australia like Uber, Taxify or Ola
Do I need a good credit score?

Already approved as a rideshare driver for major platforms like Uber, Taxify or Ola? Then you’re ready to apply for a CarPass car!

General Info

Is CarPass available everywhere?

At the moment only NSW drivers can experience all the benefits of CarPass, but stand by because we’re coming to VIC and QLD very soon!

Can I use my CarPass car when I’m not driving for a rideshare platform?

You can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of driving your CarPass car for personal use too, and because you get unlimited kilometres, drive as much as you like without worrying about extra costs.

Are other people allowed to drive my CarPass car?

If you like, you can add another driver to your account, which means they can drive your car as much as they want for personal use, but they can’t use the car to drive for a ridesharing platform.

How long do I have to wait to get my CarPass car?

You could be behind the wheel of your new Carpass car as soon as the next business day! Simply review our rental agreement, get the required documents back to us, and then you’re ready to start taking advantage of everything CarPass has to offer.

What identification do I need to provide to CarPass?

You’ll just need two forms of identification, including a valid driver’s licence, and then a secondary form of ID, like your passport, Medicare card or credit card.

What’s included with CarPass?
  • The freedom and value of unlimited kilometres
  • Scheduled maintenance to make sure you’re always on the road
  • Insurance, including CTP and Comprehensive Rideshare Insurance
  • 24×7 roadside assistance in case you break down
  • A 4.3inch front and rear view Dash Cam, fully installed
What do I need to pay for myself?
  • Any road toll charges
  • Parking and traffic infringements
  • Any unfair wear and tear on the car
  • Petrol costs

Insurance and accidents

Does CarPass cover my insurance?

One of the great benefits about CarPass is that we insure your car with CTP, and we even cover your riders with Comprehensive Rideshare Insurance. Plus, you’ll also enjoy the assurance of 24×7 roadside assistance in case you break down.

Do I have to pay an excess if I’m in an accident?

If you have an accident a $1500 excess does apply. However:

  • Standard Excess can be reduced to $1,000 (reduced excess) after evaluation, if you report the accident by calling CarPass (1300 33 55 35) and provide all relevant information/dashcam footage within 48 hours of the accident.
  • If the accident wasn’t your fault, we’ll refund the excess once recovered from the third party/third party insurance
  • If the accident was your fault and the repairs cost less than $1500, then we’ll refund the difference between the excess and the repair cost
  • If you are at fault, you’ll never pay more than $1500, even if the cost of the repairs is greater than $1500
What should I do if I have an accident?

First up, make sure everyone involved is OK, and if medical assistance is needed call an ambulance immediately on 000. Once any serious issues are taken care of, call us on 1300 33 55 35 (option 2) and one of our team members will talk you through the next steps you need to take.

Servicing and repairs

When should I get my car serviced?

No need to mark it in your calendar because we’ll get in touch with you when your car is due for a service.

What happens if I don’t get my car serviced?

We want to make sure your car is always roadworthy and ready to use, so if you don’t get your car serviced we’ll need to charge a fee of $150 for each missed service.

What if I find something wrong with my car?

No problem! Simply call your account manager or roadside assistance on 1300 33 55 35 (option 3) and we can help you out.

Billing Questions

What are my initial costs to start using CarPass?

To get started you’ll need to pay a $250 membership fee and one week’s rental.

How will CarPass bill me?

After you’ve made your initial upfront payment:

  • We’ll bill you every week, charged to your nominated credit card, on the day you first picked up your car. So if you picked up your car on a Monday, that will always be your weekly billing day
  • We charge late fees if your account goes into arrears. For example, if you picked up your car on a Monday, the weekly billing schedule is as follows:
Attempt Day Time Amount
1 Monday 3am Weekly Rental
2 Tuesday 11.50pm Weekly Rental
3 Wednesday 11.50pm Weekly Rental + $20 Late Fees
4 Thursday 11.50pm Weekly Rental + $40 Late Fees
Are there any other costs I need to know about?

So you know exactly what costs you might be up for, this is a schedule of all potential fees:

Event Fee (GST inclusive) Frequency
Late payment fee $20 Per day, starting the business day after Rental Fee is dishonoured and ending on the business day Rental Fee (plus Late Payment Fees) is paid in full.
Late return $50 Per day, starting the day after the Vehicle is due for return
Toll charges Actual toll costs incurred by the Vehicle during the Rental Term plus Processing fee Per month of toll charges
Processing fee $25 Per process of ticket / offence / Toll fee / dishonoured payment
Overdue service fee $150 Per missed service
Cleaning required beyond normal wear and tear Up to $300 Per offence
Evidence of smoking (scent, physical remnants) Up to $500 Per offence
Accident or damage to the vehicle $1500 (standard excess)

$1000 (reduced excess)
Per repair event
Unauthorised driver fee Actual costs suffered by Per offence
Interstate travel Up to $500 Per offence
Wrong petrol type put into car $ actual cost to CarPass to have the vehicle and engine repaired Per offence
Membership Fee $250 Per rental term
Lost key fee $500 Per lost Vehicle key
Who is responsible for parking or traffic infringements?

You’re responsible for any parking or traffic infringements your receive. If we receive an infringement notice, we’ll pass it onto you and will also charge you a $25 processing fee.

How do I pay for road tolls?

You’ll need to make sure you have an e-TAG in your car. If we receive a toll charge for your car, we pass the cost onto you, including a $25 admin fee each time.

Do your prices include GST?

Yes, all prices for CarPass include GST.